Recent Top Summer Injury News & Tips to Stay Safe This Summer

Top Summer Injury News

Recent Top Summer Injury News & Tips to Stay Safe This Summer

Overview: These top stories about summer injuries are are reminders for us to take measures to stay safe 

Summer is the time for sunshine, stress relief, and some tan – and sometimes, summertime injuries! While most people spend their summer slowing down their usual tasks, enjoying leisurely days by the pool, and spending time with loved ones, it’s also the time of the year when injuries are the most common.

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The best way to enjoy summertime is by engaging in outdoor activities that allow the sun to shine bright above our heads, with our loved ones around. But there have unfortunately been many stories about people getting injured in accidents during the summer. Let’s consider some of the top summer injury news and how we can keep ourselves safe.

A Gunman Entered Summer Camp for Kids 4-14 Years Old:  

In the Dallas area, a summer camp for the kids was placed to enjoy their time with their friends. While everyone was enjoying their time, a saddening incident took place. Suddenly at 8:43 am local time, police received the call about an armed man, shooting at the Duncanville Fieldhouse — a massive sports complex where the kids summer camps were arranged.

The police were instantly alerted about the incident, and the first batch of officers arrived within two minutes of the call and shot the killer. The killer later on, was declared dead in the local hospital.

“No children have been harmed,” Duncanville Fieldhouse management said afterward. “No police officers or staff were hurt, either.”

Since the investigation is still ongoing, the motive isn’t yet known. However, the traumatic situation for parents and the kids inside the sports complex will carry with them for a long time. While parents entrust their kids to a secure environment deeming it safe for them, it ends up being their worst nightmare.

For more details, read this article.

Racoon Attack Injuries:  

As if the news of a gunman attacking children wasn’t chaotic enough, a potentially rabid raccoon attack in Ocean City occurred. A rabid raccoon attacked a woman and later targeted another victim.

Late on a Wednesday night, a 35-year-old woman was attacked by a raccoon with some injuries to her hands. After five hours, on Thursday, an 85-year-old woman reported that she was attacked by a rabid raccoon and was transported to Atlantic General Hospital.

Police couldn’t immediately locate the raccoon. The Animal Control Officers, however, took control of the situation.

Such cases occur now and then when the authority in control isn’t performing its duties. Leaving animals unleashed doesn’t only threaten men and women alike but also shows the negligence of the concerned authority. You can’t confine yourself to your home in summer because we’ve waited for this season to come since long winters. The best way to protect yourself is to claim a personal injury lawsuit for due compensation.

Two Innocent Women Shot Amid First Summer Weekend Crowds:  

An altercation happened in San Diego when one group opened fire on the other group due to some personal disagreements. The crowd around gathered thick seeing two groups fighting, injuring two bystanders, who weren’t even part of the argument. The two women were shot – once in the arm and the other in the torso.

Both women were given immediate medical care. Accidents don’t announce before coming, so make sure that you’re keeping yourself on the safe side by not becoming a part of crowded places.

Alongside taking care of yourself, share each detail with the police if such a case occurs to you. You can sue someone with a personal injury lawsuit if you’ve been injured during a fight.

If you’re nervous about claiming a personal injury lawsuit, feel free to fill out the form in the given link and see what we offer.

A Man Shot in Convenience Store Parking Lot:  

Another upsetting incident occurred in Jacksonville on a Friday evening in the parking lot of a convenience store — near the intersection of Plymouth. Sgt Dukes with the Sheriff’s Office said that they found a man at the scene who had been shot and was said to be in a life-threatening condition on their arrival.

“There were plenty of people in harm’s way. This is a busy corner store parking lot; several businesses are open. One of them was a kids’ summer camp in one of the businesses that frame this parking lot,” Dukes said. Source.

Heat-Related Injuries in Las Vegas:  

With temperature surging and excessive heat, Dr. Syed Saquib, the medical director at the burn center, is anticipating a surge in 2nd-degree burns on feet.

“Depending on the surface, when the ambient temperature climbs to 110 degrees or so, pavement can get as high as 150 to 170 degrees,” according to Dr. Syed Saquib, Medical Director of the burn center.

At this time of the year, foot burns and your overall health and safety should be taken seriously. Since we all tend to enjoy going out during summers without thinking twice about the heat waves, it usually ends up getting worse — fever, sunburnt skin, and much more.

How to Stay Summer Safe:  

Summer is coming – sounds so intimidating when we see piles of snow outside our windows. The thoughts of a safe summer are like a cool breeze in hot toasty weather. The team at Shapiro cares for you and wants you to take care of yourself — so for this month, we’re going with the slogan #letthesafesummerbegin. You’re precious to us and for a safe summer, make sure that you’re following:

  • Extra careful in challenging weather.

  • Watch out for other people.

  • Avoid distractions while driving.

  • Don’t follow a crowd too closely.

  • Keep your vehicle clean/tidy.

  • Watch for signs of heatstroke.

  • Limit sun exposure

  • And last but not least, ensure you have an excellent lawyer with years of practice and a success ratio to help you out of an unfavorable scenario.



Summer is the season to chill and enjoy after staying indoors for long – however, ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Make sure to #letthesafesummerbegin. The team at Shapiro doesn’t want you to stay oblivious to your rights, so we’re here to help you with any kind of legal help – in case of injury or other related issues.

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