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“William D. Shapiro Law, Inc. has been advocating for injured victims throughout Southern California for more than four decades. Over the years, our team has proudly recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our deserving clients.”

Highly awarded personal injury lawyer

TOP Rated California Personal Injury Lawyer

For over four decades, we have taken pride in assisting victims of motor vehicle accidents, dangerous roadways, product failures, premises liability and other causes of serious injuries and death. It’s not only the grave physical effect, the emotional and financial tolls can be endless. William D. Shapiro Law, Inc. proudly represents those who have suffered serious injury and heirs who have lost loved ones. That’s all we do.

Meet William D. Shapiro Law, Inc.

A key to our success as a firm is founder William D. Shapiro. In four decades as a California personal injury lawyer with emphasis in wrongful death litigation, unparalleled trial experience, and a California Bar Certified Civil Trial Specialist, Mr. Shapiro has, and continues to provide our clients with confidence, a strong voice and seasoned advocacy from our office in San Bernardino.

Losing a loved one or suffering a spinal cord, amputation, brain or other catastrophic injury is life changing and its critical to select an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to champion your cause.

When you turn to our firm as your personal injury and wrongful death litigation team, you’ll have representation with a reputation of success, exceptional staffing with state of the art facilities, a full investigation team and truly qualified expert witnesses, a firm with all the necessary resources to prove the most difficult cases.

If the accident was the result of another party’s negligence or misconduct, the injured person has every right to aggressively pursue justice, including payment for all medical costs, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, significant punitive damages may also be in order.

Client Reviews
5 Stars

"The BEST!"

I would like to say Mr. Shapiro and his team are the BEST! From beginning to end they have worked hard for my family and myself; I am truly blessed to have them fighting for us. I will tell anyone that is looking for a top notch attorney that will fight for you, contact Mr. Shapiro and his team!. Thank you Mr. Shapiro for all you have done, much love and always know I will always appreciate you and your team... 💖💝

Ruthie F.
5 Stars

"I wish I could give you a 10 star, but I guess 5 will have to do."

Mr. Shapiro and his team are GREAT! Our first meeting I knew we made the right decision. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great attorney that will help you through the hard times; contact Mr. Shapiro.

You may not know the outcome, but no matter what you will have a great man standing beside you to get you through all the pain. I am really grateful for all of his help. My grandson Lorenzo is also grateful. Thank you Mr. Shapiro and team... you all are awesome in the work that you did for my family, much love to all of you....... RF. I wish I could give you a 10 star, but I guess 5 will have to do.

Loverucan B.
5 Stars

"Bill Shapiro's your guy"

Mr. Shapiro was professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable about the law. He was kind and compassionate towards me, but a PITBULL in mediation! If you're looking for a no B.S. attorney, Bill Shapiro's your guy!

5 Stars

"Good customer Service"

Very Happy with Bill and his office. Good customer Service, always quick to answer any questions I had, unlike some other lawyers. Understood my situation and offered great advice. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone. A+

5 Stars

"Consistently put me at ease"

Mr. Shapiro was a killer lawyer. His professionalism surpased all my expectations and consistently put me at ease at each level of my case.

5 Stars

"Extremely honest and straight forward"

Bill Shapiro #1 attorney extremely honest and straight forward. Bill Shapiro is the best at what he does and gets results. If you need an attorney that will fight for you, look no further call Bill Shapiro today.

5 Stars

"Phenomenal job"

I hired William D. Shapiro Law, Inc. for a case for my daughter. Bill Shapiro himself with his lawyers did a phenomenal job. I would recommend his services to anyone! Thanks Bill Shapiro.

5 Stars

"I trust and highly recommend"

The quality of services I received from William Shapiro was remarkable. He is a caring passionate dedicated, knowledgeable and excellent attorney to have represent myself and my family for over 25 years. He is someone that I trust and highly recommend.

5 Stars

"I highly recommend him"

Mr. Shapiro has been nothing but helpful with my case. He's been very nice and he's kept in contact throughout to his best abilities. He's answered any questions that I have clearly, I highly recommend him.

5 Stars

"I am very happy"

BIll did an amazing job, truly. Bill got things done, didn't let my case get bogged down into legal limbo. Things got done and done quickly. I am very happy with how he managed my case. I can't recommend him enough.

5 Stars

"Thank you Bill! You Rock!"

Bill Shapiro has always gone beyond the call of duty and has always been there for me. He and his staff are courteous and knowledgeable and they have always gotten back to me via phone call or e mail in timely and caring manner. Bill Shapiro is one of a kind!! I highly recommend him for all your legal matters. Thank you Bill! You Rock!

5 Stars

"Outstanding lawyer"

OUTSTANDNG LAWYER! Bill is the lawyer you want sitting next to you in the courtroom! Not many lawyers get involved on an emotional level, but Bill Shapiro does. He is a true professional as well as a deeply caring person. A combination like this is truly hard to find in any profession. Bill treats each and every client as though they are family. During the course of my case, I was especially impressed with the wealth of knowledge and respect Bill has for the law. I deeply feel that Bill's continued commitment to his clients, his staff and his profession; is what has made him such an outstanding lawyer today. Bill reaches beyond what is possible and makes it happen! Without a doubt, I would recommend him all day long. Thank you Bill for all you do!

5 Stars

"Truly dedicated lawyer"

Truly dedicated lawyer. I hired Mr. Bill Shapiro to represent my severe TBI son. From the very beginning Mr. Shapiro along with his son Brian tackled my sons case full force. Mr. Shapiro’s love and respect for the law is commendable. He is passionate and I truly appreciated his up front honesty. He successfully represented my son, I and my family will forever be grateful.

5 Stars

"Compassionate and caring"

Compassionate and caring. I was referred to Bill Shapiro through another law firm. Mr Shapiro was willing to take on the tragedy that was visited on my family. He handled the case with purposefulness and a determination to do the best he could for my family even when it became obvious that there was no monetary value to this tragic situation. Bill continued to pursue ways to bring this to closure and in the end helped us to a solution that is agreeable to all. I highly recommend Mr. Shapiro for his professionalism and his compassion.

5 Stars

"One of the best Lawyers I have ever worked with"

Great Lawyer! Bill Shapiro handled my case like it was the biggest case in the world. The greatest part of all of this was it was a very small case for Mr. Shapiro. We won the case and Mr. Shapiro was in the courtroom every day fighting for me. Bill Shapiro is one of the best Lawyers I have ever worked with. Thank you Bill!

5 Stars

"Professional and excellent litigators"

Pre-eminent. Bill Shapiro is a stand out personal injury trial lawyer who recently handled a product liability case for us, together with his son, Brian. They are an outstanding team of professionals, who obtained a fantastic result for us. The process was seamless from beginning to end. The team are not only professional and excellent litigators, they are also compassionate and kind.

5 Stars

"#1 Attorney"

#1 Attorney. Dealt with several attorney’s before finding bill and I will say bill is the best, truthful, honest, and straight to the point. He gives you a realistic view of your case and doesn’t just take any case. He gets things done and handled for you, no if and’s or But’s. I would never hire any other attorney.

5 Stars

"We won a substantial award"

I was just a kid 13 or 14 riding a moped in San Bernardino CA I was ditching school that day while riding past my school Riding near the curb A milk truck making a delivery to the school that day passed me and turned right in front of me into a driveway and ran me over fractured my ankle Bill got my medical covered and we won a substantial award that I got when I turned 18 that was the first time my mom called Bill The second time my mom had to call...

5 Stars

"I will always recommend Bill"

Call Bill, he will fight for you!!! I will always recommend Bill. He is the best. From the moment I met him he became a good friend. He represented my son as if he were his own. He truly cares about his clients and will do what ever he needs to get their case settled the way it should be. His staff is amazing. They make you feel right at home. Bill Shapiro is my forever go to guy when I need the best to represent me or even just to get advise. In my book, he's not just the best attorney, he's a friend that will fight for you till the end. In the end he won't be considered just a friend, he will become family. Thanks for everything Bill. Blessings always to you and yours always.

5 Stars

"Shapiro Takes on Bully Attorney"

Shapiro Takes on Bully Attorney. I have had my own CPA practice for 30 years. As my part of my profession, I have assisted my clients in civil, family and probate cases. During this process, I have met with dozens of attorneys both in and outside of court. On occasion, I have also been court-appointed as an accounting expert. Therefore, my review is based upon comparatives, as well as from my own personal experience in hiring Mr. William (Bill) Shapiro to represent me in my own case.

5 Stars

"Best attorney!"

Best attorney! My name is Marian, I am a court reporter who owns a court reporting agency. My agency and I have been associated professionally with Mr. Shapiro and his law firm for over 35 years. I've personally consulted him countless times over those years for legal advice.

5 Stars

"He was professional, understanding, and truly genuine"

Honest, personable and dedicated attorney. In 2009 I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident. A friend of the family highly recommended Bill to review my case. From the first day I met Bill he was professional, understanding, and truly genuine. He wanted to do everything he could to help me with my personal injury claim. Over the course of 7 years there was not a day that I could not reach out to Bill and have him respond to my needs or concerns promptly. He stuck by me through a long...

5 Stars

"Attention to detail with every case"

Excellent attorney. I am a court reporter of 22 years. I've had the pleasure of working with Mr. Shapiro for about 20 of those. Mr. Shapiro is very dedicated to his profession and his practice. From a court reporter's viewpoint during depositions, Mr. Shapiro leaves no stone unturned. I've always been impressed with his advocacy for his clients, his preparedness, and his attention to detail with every case. He is always very record conscious and appreciates a...

5 Stars

"I cannot say enough how happy and confident we felt"

Experienced and Trustworthy. Thank you for delivering my family the favorable court judgment beyond our expectation despite the many challenges/complexities in the case. We appreciate the 3 years and tireless effort you and your professional legal team have put into prosecuting the wrongful death case. You helped us navigate through the complex legal process at a time the most difficult period in our life. I cannot say enough how happy and confident we felt to have...

5 Stars

"He's exactly the attorney you want fighting for you"

Choosing the right attorney makes all the difference and Bill is the RIGHT one! I've worked in the legal field for almost 40 years. I've learned that even the best case can be lost. It's extremely important to find the right attorney and Bill is it. He's experienced, compassionate, energetic and driven to secure justice. He's exactly the attorney you want fighting for you, not against you. When an auto accident put me down for three months, I was too ill to function. I sought Bill's advice. He took the case and did all the work...

5 Stars

"I highly recommend him as counsel"

BILL IS A LAWYER'S LAWYER. I retained Bill Shapiro to serve as co-counsel on a wrongful death lawsuit arising from a motorcycle accident. I spent about a year and a half litigating the matter myself and watched Safeco try to lowball my clients for the loss of their beloved son. Within two months after retaining Bill as co-counsel, Safeco quickly and wisely offered the policy limits. Bill is a lawyer's lawyer. I highly recommend him as counsel or co-counsel on all catastrophic injury cases.

5 Stars

"He leaves no stone unturned"

The Attorney's Attorney. Some cases require the experience and expertise of a professional like Mr. Shapiro. When those cases arise in my own practice, I don't hesitate to refer them to Bill. He is passionate and unrelenting. I recently referred a close family member to Bill. His dedication was inspiring. He leaves no stone unturned; prepares a case thoroughly; and is just a superb trial attorney. Above all though, Bill is a man of absolute integrity.

5 Stars

"I would highly recommend Bill"

Tough. Thorough. And compassionate. Mr. Shapiro was the driving force of our team of lawyers representing us in a wrongful death case. Once he joined our case, he took charge and moved the process along. I would highly recommend Bill to represent my friends and family in the future if needed. Even though our case involved multiple siblings, he and the office always answered each one of us. He kept us in the loop, he informed us on expectations and possibilities in a kind way.

5 Stars

"He was caring, supportive, and continually made time for our calls"

Excellent Lawyer. Bill Shapiro represented us on our case for five years. From the moment we met Bill in our home, we felt that we truly had someone who would tenaciously and passionately commit his time, energy, knowledge, and skill to obtaining justice for our family. We not only got that from Bill but much more. He always showed that he valued us as individuals. He was caring, supportive, and continually made time for our calls and emails. He and his staff...

5 Stars

"Thank god I was referred to use Mr. Shapiro"

Luck is not what you need when choosing a lawyer to represent your case. Thank god I was referred to use Mr. Shapiro. Luck is not what you need when choosing a lawyer to represent your case. Thank god I was referred to use Mr. Shapiro. I was slapped with a dubious claim against my company about 9 months ago. I originally hired a local attorney but soon realized that I was headed into trouble if I continued using that firm for my case that turned quite complicated. I was referred by some business colleagues to Bill Shapiro and his firm. I meet with Bill and...

5 Stars

"Extremely impressive"

The man cares about his clients!! The level of professionalism from this man is extremely impressive. Bill has handled a few cases for myself over the last 20+ years and most recently handled a traffic accident settlement case for me. Every time I have had interactions with Bill or his staff I have always believed, and continue to believe, that my case was their first priority. I have the utmost respect for Bill and his practice. I would definitely recommend Bill as an attorney...

5 Stars

"One of the most professional"

Amazing Attorney!!!! Bill Shapiro is one of the most professional, knowledgeable caring attorneys that I have ever dealt with. His commitment was unbelievable. I was very impressed with his wealth of knowledge and his respect for the law.

5 Stars

"His legal advice is always right on"

Awesome Attorney. Mr. Shapiro is a great attorney to have on your side. His passion to help his clients prevail and stand up for what is right is uplifting. Before I met with Attorney Shapiro, I felt defeated in my case. He instructed me to trust in him from day one and that is exactly what I did. His legal advice is always right on, he never danced around the point. Mr. Shapiro and his staff always effectively communicated with me and kept me well informed during the duration...

5 Stars

"William is probably the best attorney"

Great attorney. William is probably the best attorney I seen in a long time, he cares !!! And returns calls

5 Stars

"Fantastic attorney"

Fantastic attorney! Fantastic attorney! Bill is one of the most professional, knowledgeable and yet caring attorneys that I have dealt with ever. He always made sure that I knew what was happening with my case either with a phone call or letter. When I was in his office he never rushed me out. He made sure all of the legal terms and the next steps in my case were understandable to me as a lay person. His confidence in my case that it will be resolved in my favor is very comforting.

5 Stars

"Precise, patient, methodical"

Mr. Shapiro was precise, patient, methodical and beyond knowledgeable regarding this incident. We highly appreciated his assistance and handling of this case. Recommend his representation from him and his office.

5 Stars

"I very much recommend Mr. Shapiro!"

Excellent Attorney! Mr. Shapiro handled a personal injury case involving our two year old daughter. He negotiated a fair settlement that included compensation for medical bills and will also provide for her future. We are very apprecaitive of Mr. Shapiro's professionalism and caring which helped us through a very stressful period in our lives. I very much recommend Mr. Shapiro!

5 Stars

"Highly recommended"

Highly recommended. Mr. Shapiro represented me in a Loss of Spouse case. He and his staff were professional and caring during the representation. Mr. Shapiro informed me of the process throughout the completion of the case. I received compensation and again he and his staff always were professional. I chose the right attorney and would recommend him to anyone that needs his services. He interviews his potential client diligently for both clients benefit to be sure he can do his job effectively.

5 Stars

"We are very grateful"

After my daughter suffered a catastrophic injury from what we believed was medical malpractice, we did not know what to do. A friend (who is a judge) told us to hire Bill Shapiro. He couldn’t have been more right. In the years that followed, Bill Shapiro and his team (including his sons Brian and Matt) worked countless hours, working with expert after expert bringing a difficult case into sharp focus. His constant contact kept us up to date about everything, and his knowledge, dedication and preparation was so reassuring. There was never a time that I felt like I was bothering or annoying him when I had a question. I wanted and needed an attorney that was "responsive" to us, and he (and his staff) certainly was. The office and staff took our case very personally and we knew how much they cared about my daughter. Bill lead the firms lawyers and took the case to an unbelievably successful conclusion. We cannot thank Bill and everyone in the office enough for all they did for my daughter, for all they did for our family. In the end, Bill’s not just a great trial lawyer, he is also an awesome person. We are forever friends now, and we consider him part of our family! We are very grateful.

Andrea Y.
5 Stars

"Attorney William Shapiro is true and honest"

Outstanding!! Attorney William Shapiro is true and honest. An attorney who works for his clients to get what's in their best interest. Mr. Shapiro was very knowledgeable about the worker's compensation case I brought to him. He fought for my case with integrity, letting me know he stands for justice. I was very comfortable throughout the process, and will retain his services in the future if need be.

Jeff D.
5 Stars

"Our case was settled in our favor"

William (Bill) worked through our sons case for the last 4 years and did not give up. Our case was settled in our favor. I would highly recommend this firm for your case.

John B.
5 Stars

"I highly recommend calling the Shapiro Law Firm"

I have worked in the Inland Empire legal community for decades. I’ve had experience with many local attorneys and law firms, which is why I called the William D. Shapiro Law, Inc when I was injured. I knew I could rely upon their assessment of my case and upon their work ethics. They were honest from the very first meeting. They carefully explained the extra challenges I would face to recover damages. I understood the challenges, but I had confidence in the Shapiro firm. They promised their firm would do anything they could to bring about a positive result despite it being a tough case. They kept their promise. Matt Shapiro handled my case with assistance from his brother, Brian Shapiro. They were sharp and well prepared. I could not ask for more.

It took a couple of years to handle the matter. But the Shapiro law firm kept me informed while they diligently dealt with the case, leaving me to focus on my life, not on this problem. Each person I spoke with in their office was personable, well-informed, and professional. I felt they each knew my case, my circumstances, and cared about me and the work. I am delighted with the result, and I am extremely happy with the Shapiro Law Firm. Their work is exemplary; their dedication and care for their clients are evident. Their hard work made a meaningful impact on my life. This law firm is professional, experienced, diligent, and effective: what more could you ask for in an advocate, especially when hurt and confused? I have recommended people to the Shapiro firm, and I will continue to do so. If you need a personal injury attorney, I highly recommend calling the Shapiro Law Firm.

Deborah A.
5 Stars

"He kept us up to date"

After the crash that me and my parents were in on Easter last year. We were referred to Matthew Shapiro through my uncle. All through the process he kept us up to date and what we needed to do on our side. We were able to focus on my mom and her recovery knowing that all that was taking care of.

Jennifer M.
5 Stars

"Bill is an incredible man and a top notch attorney"

Bill is an incredible man and a top notch attorney. His accolades and accomplishments are well deserved. Over the course of his career he has helped so many people and I would highly recommend using his services!

Alex M.
5 Stars

"I am very grateful for all that he did"

Matthew Shapiro handled my auto accident case. He handled everything for my family while I recovered. I am very grateful for all that he did. He kept us well informed of how our case was going and got us the best settlement possible.

Irene M.
5 Stars

"I highly recommend working with them"

I have worked with the William D. Shapiro Law, Inc as an attorney on cases. I would not refer a catastrophic injury case to anyone other than the William D. Shapiro Law, Inc which has the breadth of knowledge and experience handling those cases. Shapiro's knowledge of trial matters is unsurpassed and he is a gold-mine of information to take cases to trial. All the attorneys at the Law Offices are knowledgeable about the law.

These are zealous advocates achieve great results which would make any insurance company cringe. The William D. Shapiro Law, Inc are aggressive and creative advocates who will collaborate with you. I highly recommend working with them and referring cases to them.

Estivi R.
5 Stars

"The team was extremely knowledgeable and personable"

Bill Shapiro's office was recommended to me by an attorney in another county. From the first day, I felt like the entire team had my best interests at heart. Matt Shapiro headed my case and together with Brian Shapiro guided it to a successful conclusion. The team was extremely knowledgeable and personable. I never felt like they were in it for the money, but that they genuinely wanted the best for me. I highly recommend them with full confidence and know I would return to them if the need ever arose.

Kelli L.
5 Stars

"This firm deserves a 10 Star Rating"

Our office has had the privilege to refer and work on catastrophic and wrongful death personal injury cases with William D. Shapiro Law, Inc. Bill Shapiro, Matthew Shapiro and Brian Shapiro truly are an incredible team along with the entire staff at the firm. They are all completely dedicated to personally caring for their clients and providing the best legal services possible for their clients. The results they have obtained are phenomenal. The firm works extremely hard and gives 1000% work effort, are true professionals and courteous to all clients and staff. Whenever our office has a major catastrophic injury case or wrongful death matter we know who to call and who will answer to provide the best personal care and legal services possible and obtain the best results for the clients. Truly an honor to work with and to watch the firm help and care for so many wonderful families. This firm deserves a 10 Star Rating!

Matthew S.
5 Stars

"Respectful, Caring and Outstanding Law Firm"

Respectful, Caring and Outstanding Law Firm! There are not enough words to express my appreciation and gratitude for the William Shapiro Law Firm. Mr. W. Shapiro and Mr. B. Shapiro are such dynamic attorneys. My case was complicated and lengthy. The Shapiros are professional and supportive. They always kept an open line of communication and always answered ALL of my questions. They kept me up to date regarding my case. I appreciate their integrity, passion and grit for law. I was so blessed to have this firm represent me, as they went above and beyond to fight on my behalf. The Shapiros worked hard to ensure the best outcome for my case, and they succeeded! Through the whole process they made me feel like family, as they truly care about their clients. If you are looking for an attorney to represent you, I highly recommend you look to the Shapiros for representation. Grateful!

Rita D.
5 Stars

"Bill Shapiro and his team are amazing"

Bill Shapiro and his team are amazing. They were professional, dedicated, and determined. He settled my sons case in our favor, and we are extremely happy with the outcome. We are beyond thankful that Bill was our attorney.

Allison B.
5 Stars

"We were more than happy with our entire case"

I’ve dealt with a few law offices and individual attorneys in my life and never experienced the high level of expertise and competence as we have with the Shapiro law firm. They gave us the feeling that they took our case personal. The communication was extensive, never did I feel that they were not on top of our case. We were more than happy with our entire case and are extremely thankful to them for what they did for us from start to finish.

Arthur O.
5 Stars

"The most amazing Attorney and Team"

The most amazing Attorney and Team! Bill helped me through the worst chapter of my life. He was there for me, not only legally, but helped me feel heard, comforted, and like the most important case he's ever had. I am so glad I trusted Bill with everything and never questioned his ability to fight for what is right and where I was wronged. I would highly recommend Bill and his team to anyone and everyone. Thank you Bill!

Hannah D
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