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Brain Injuries

Head & Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are often permanent, requiring the victim and the entire family to make adjustments for loss of memory, personality changes and cognitive disability. Explore »

Serious & Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Back & Spinal Cord Injury

They can cause paralysis and even death. When people suffer these injuries, their entire lives and the lives of their loved ones are affected. If a spinal cord injury was caused by the carelessness… Explore »



Losing a limb or control of your body functions is one of the most devastating types of injures we can suffer. Even with modern prosthetic devices, the medical treatment and… Explore »

Serious Injury attorney

Other Serious Injuries

We are William D. Shapiro Law, Inc., one of the premier personal injury litigation firms representing people who have suffered serious and life-changing injuries in… Explore »

WrongFul Death

Wrongful Death

Throughout our nearly four decades of serving clients’ families in wrongful death cases, we have seen how devastating the sudden death of a loved one can be to a family. There is the loss, the pain, frustration, worry and sorrow… Explore »

Motor Vehicle Truck Crashes

Motor Vehicle & Trucking Crashes

William D. Shapiro Law, Inc., with offices in California the home office being in San Bernardino, CA, is one of the leading personal injury and wrongful death firms representing… Explore »

medical malpractice

Medical Malpractice

People make mistakes and are negligent when they accidentally run a red light or fail to yield the right of way. When doctors, nurses, hospitals or nursing facilities make mistakes… Explore »

Public Entity Liability

Public Entity Liability

After paying insurance premiums to provide protection at a time of great need, so often the insurance companies we trusted would be there to financially protect us do nothing but… Explore »

Dangerous Public & Private Property

Premises Liability

Whether it be homeowners, retail, mall or other store owners or other private property owners, each has the obligation to keep their premises in reasonably good condition free of dangerous… Explore »

defective products

Defective Products

Auto and other manufacturers, distributors and retailers have a legal obligation to make sure users of the products they produce, sell, install or service are free from defects… Explore »

insurance attorney

Insurance Bad Faith

When we locate a facility to help our parents and elderly loved ones, we have the reasonable expectation they will be cared for as we would. Too often its found those we’ve placed in… Explore »