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Defective Products Injury Lawyer in San Bernardino – Serving Southern California

defective products

In California, if a defective product injures you, you may be able to file a product liability lawsuit. Product liability laws exist to protect consumers from suffering harm due to faulty or defective products. 

If a defective product injures you or someone you love, you must speak with a San Bernardino defective product lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney at William D. Shapiro, Inc., can help you determine if you have a claim against the manufacturer and guide you through the legal process. Our lawyers will work quickly to build your case and protect your rights to compensation. 

Why Choose Our San Bernardino Product Liability Attorney?

For over 40 years, our attorneys have stood up for the rights of consumers in San Bernardino and throughout California. We know how to hold negligent and irresponsible manufacturers accountable, and our track record of success speaks for itself.
Call our law firm immediately if you or someone you love suffered an injury due to a defective product. We offer FREE initial consultations and reviews so you can get the help you need quickly. Our lawyers can help you explore your legal options and choose the best path for you and your family. 

Here are some of our notable product liability cases:
product liability$10 million

against candle manufacturer

product liability$7.2 million

against BBQ lighter manufacturer

product liability$5.4 million

against defective product manufacturer

product liability$5 million

against ATV manufacturer

product liability$3 million

against machine manufacturer

product liability$2 million

against automobile manufacturer

product liability$2 million

against motorcycle manufacturer

product liability$1.1 million

against helmet manufacturer

What is Product Liability?

Product liability refers to the legal responsibilities of those involved in producing, designing, and distributing any product, from a car to a kitchen appliance. It ensures that consumers receive safe goods and services by maintaining a certain standard in product quality and successively holding companies liable for any damages resulting from their products. 

An important factor of product liability is that it does not require intentional misconduct or negligence for consumers to hold a manufacturer responsible for any damage, as strict liability applies. Therefore, if a consumer suffers an injury after using a product bought from the store, they have ground to seek compensation from the seller or manufacturer even if negligence or intent cannot be proven. Product liability laws are highly influential in maintaining quality-assured products and keeping customers safe and secure.

Defective Product Injuries

Defective product injuries can lead to both physical and emotional distress. From a physical standpoint, these injuries may include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Bruises and burns
  • Amputation
  • Disfigurement
  • Internal organ damage

 It’s important to understand that you may have legal options available after suffering one of these types of injuries. Taking action in such a case can help bring closure and justice. It can also help you collect the money you need to pay for medical bills, lost time at work, and other damages.  

If you think you or someone you care about has suffered harm due to an unsafe consumer product, contact William D. Shapiro Law, Inc., today to learn more about your legal options.

Who is Liable for a Defective Product Injury?

Product liability laws create a framework through which those injured by a defective product can seek recourse. Essentially, individuals who have suffered an injury due to a defective product may be able to hold any parties liable, including the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, or even an advertising agency. 

A key factor in this determination is that the product must have been intended for use when it caused the injury. Furthermore, demonstrating negligence on the part of any of these entities can help bolster the plaintiff’s claim if they choose to file a lawsuit. 

Ultimately, depending on the circumstances surrounding the particular case and relevant state law, anyone involved in delivering a defective product could find themselves financially responsible for any injuries that result from their role in bringing it to market.

Time is of the essence 

There are specific time requirements and mandates that apply to certain claims depending on the type of claim being made, age of the claimant and who the claim is being made against. We urge you to contact counsel to find out what applies to your situation. Failure to make, serve and/or file a timely claim or complaint will bar even the chance of recovery thus we urge anyone seeking to make a recovery, to immediately retain counsel without delay.

Contact Our San Bernardino Defective Product Lawyers Today

The San Bernardino defective product attorneys at William D. Shapiro Law, Inc. will go head-to-head with large device manufacturers who continue to promote and sell defective products. We fight for consumers’ rights and will help you and your family get the money you deserve after suffering a severe injury caused by a defective product. Call our law firm at (909) 890-1000 or fill out our confidential contact form today. We offer FREE initial consultations and reviews, so you can quickly get the answers you need.