June 20: The First Day of Summer – Are You Prepared for a Safe Summer?

Safe Summer

June 20: The First Day of Summer – Are You Prepared for a Safe Summer?

Overview: Summer welcomes possibilities we should prepare ourselves for. Read more to learn how to prepare for a safe summer this year!

Don’t wait for the official June arrival – the time to prepare for a safe summer is now! With spring bidding adieu and summer fast-approaching, we want to remind you that humid weather is hazardous for your nature, and you must be thoughtful about your body. It’s time to start adopting habits that help you feel light and fresh for the season to approach.

While some heat strokes can be deadly, the good news is that we can always prevent those illnesses from approaching us with a bit of care and by taking necessary preventive measures. For this reason, there are simple steps you should take to keep yourself on the safe side.

What Shapiro Promotes This Summer: 

The team at Shapiro is known for spreading positive messages to everyone. This summer, #summerforyourhealth will be our motto to remind you that your health matters the most.

Stay Hydrated: 

Water yourself! A healthy metabolic system and energy levels will be complemented with gallons of water. You read it right. Not glasses… gallons! And do you know that the secret behind glowing and healthy skin is water? We hope you do. Drinking 3-4 liters of water will keep your heart healthy and give you a fast metabolism to maintain your weight and glowy skin to flaunt. You’ll be surprised to see how you feel!

Greenery, Please:

We love loading our plates with pretty green salads and glasses with green juices for the skin and overall health. Spring blooms and fresh herbs are available at the market, plucked carefully, and delivered to you. Look for organic and domestic this year – add more colors to your life, eat vibrant veggies and fruits – wear rainbow.

Eating veggies will help you with a healthy body while trimming down your waistline to the minimum. Moreover, we urge everyone to plant a seed in a small glass or scant cup and place it on the balcony or terrace to please their aesthetics.

Brush Off Winter Skin: 

Dry and cold temperature turns skin into a flaky, itchy kind of mess. Exfoliate that skin to get it summer ready. Take a warm bath, a good body wash, and moisturize your skin to get a smooth and rejuvenating effect.

Keep Up Your Exercise Routine: 

Think – Exercise – Manifest. While everyone has associated exercise with shedding extra pounds, let’s not forget that the end-note for a 30-minute cardio routine is what keeps your heart rate regular, blesses you with a healthy body, and keeps you fit.

If you want to get ready for the beach this summer, it begins first with hydration and then physical exertion. If you’re a fitness freak who loves to build abs muscles, it’s high time to add new varieties to your workout routine.

Keep Your Home Summer Ready:

This is the time when you should ensure that your home has everything you and your loved ones need to stay safe amidst the scorching heat.

Give a deep cleaning to your entire home — get the ceiling fans cleaned up, fix frozen pipes, check other plumbing and/or filter issues after the long winter.

If you’re a nerd or have books that you need space for, get in something handy. That’s to say, some awesome and stylish wall shelves will increase the storage space in your small study area — and also make the house airy.

Preparations for the Infections:

Summer is known as the season of irritable itches and rashes across the body. It usually happens due to body temperature increase. When shopping for other things, don’t forget to add the soothing balm handy for instant relief.

Also, make sure to change your add and stay hydrated with freshwater and juices to help your body temperature. Other herbal remedies that’ll help you against the infection are camphor oil extracts, nutmeg extracts, and turpentine oil.

Take Advantage of Beautiful Days: 

Winter leaves, but we don’t feel like going to our couches. Who would like to leave a warm couch, Netflix, and snacks to munch on? But now, we’re officially saying goodbye to the lazy days we’ve spent, compromising on missing the walks.  Since you’re welcoming the summer with all the zeal and might, start with minor changes.

Take Care of Yourself Amidst a Natural Disaster:

While this may sound a bit out of the topic, we found it important to bring it to your notice. For most the countries, summer is the most dangerous season of the year. In the era of climate change, the stats of hurricanes, droughts, fires, floods, and other summer’s most obvious danger: heat strokes are more frequent and more intense. We touched on this briefly at the outset of this article.

Sign Up for Government Emergency Alerts:

To keep yourself up-to-date with updates and real time information, make sure that you’re signing up for government emergency alerts . No matter what the emergency is, the alerts will keep you updated. This goes for weather alerts, outbreaks and diseases, and the like.

Gather Supplies: 

Similar to emergency alerts and other information, a spare space should be reserved for necessary supplies for any emergency and you’ll never be too late to get them. Make sure to get an emergency kit containing enough supplies to last for at least a week or two.

It’s of no doubt how things change within minutes, so to protect yourself from summer pests, you should educate your family to take care of their health, body, fitness – while keeping yourself equipped with the necessary tools to fight off the natural disaster coming your way.

 In Summary: 

To sum it up, taking care of yourself is important. Besides, the team at Shapiro is always a call away to help you with necessary consultation and aiming at #summerforyourhealth to remind you that you and your loved ones matter the most to us.

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