Reasons For Road Rage

Reasons For Road Rage

Reasons For Road Rage

In a study released by the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety, nearly 80 percent of drivers have expressed some degree of road rage in the last year. From yelling and tailgating, to physically confronting one another, road rage is a dangerous, yet common habit. Even those who usually are mild-mannered can express anger from behind the wheel. So why do we lose control when we get in the driver’s seat? What is it about traffic, cars, and driving that make us so angry?

Road Rage

There are several psychological reasons for road rage that look beyond the frustrations of heavy traffic and slow drivers. Aggressive behavior seems to rise in instances of overcrowding. In a psychotherapy study of overcrowding rats, it was found that the rats were fine until they were all confined to a small space. Then, they began to demonstrate aggression toward one another. The scientists observed that crowding could cause aggression–a point that seems true among humans as well.

Such aggression is amplified when overcrowded people get inside a car where their identity is concealed. When we and those around us become faceless within our vehicles, our anger is deemed more socially appropriate. Our actions and perhaps anger is anonymous. That’s why in a crowded grocery store, people are more likely to show consideration and politeness. But when we feel as though we won’t face any social consequences (i.e., weird looks, or assumptions that we’re inherently angry), we are more likely to express anger.

Staying safe on the road begins with you and smart driving habits. Be sure that each time you get behind the wheel, to drive undistracted, unimpaired, and ready for the unexpected — however, some things you cannot control, especially while driving. If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident, do not hesitate to reach out for legal help. We at the Law Offices of William D. Shapiro are experienced, compassionate, and expert legal professionals, ready to assist you. Reach out for the legal advocacy you deserve today!

The apparent problem, however, is that there are consequences. And they range from getting a citation to causing a fatal injury. The consequences of road rage include:

  • Getting a ticket for speeding, reckless driving, or something of the sort
  • Getting arrested
  • Having your license revoked
  • Losing or adding expenses to your auto insurance policy
  • Damaging your’s or someone else’s car
  • Getting sued
  • Injuring or even killing someone in your’s or someone else’s car

Though at the moment, road rage may seem insurmountable, there are solutions to refrain from such a dangerous habit. Keep in mind, however, that while these are easy to list and talk about, they are far more challenging to practice. So, embrace a journey of change and betterment. Work for progress, though it may be slow. Consider implementing the following as you drive:

  • Understand that your job as a driver is not to teach someone a lesson. It is to drive defensively and to concentrate intently on your own actions. Refrain from making unnecessary eye contact and having too much concern for those around you.
  • Practice stress-relieving exercises as you drive. This will take a bit of discipline and finding what works for you. However, things like controlled breathing can be beneficial.

Despite its prevalence, road rage is exceptionally dangerous. And no matter the confidence you may feel from behind the wheel, realize the inherent hazard of driving. It is your responsibility to operate your vehicle safely at all times, in spite of your emotions. If you or a loved one has suffered from the consequences of a road rage-caused accident, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance. We at the Law Offices of William D. Shapiro are prepared to advocate for your case against negligent driving to promote safer roads everywhere. Call on us today. a

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