Personal Injury vs. Catastrophic: What’s the Difference?

catastrophic injury

Personal Injury vs. Catastrophic: What’s the Difference?

You May Have Heard of a Personal Injury

You may have heard of a personal injury. This is an all-encompassing term for an injury incurred to the body, mind or emotions. They are caused by the negligent actions of another and can prompt a lawsuit. However, with particular severity, a personal injury is awarded an entirely different name-one that is suitable for the devastation it describes.

We call this subcategory of personal injury, catastrophic injury. One can imagine the implications of the word “catastrophic” when used to describe a person’s condition. However, the exact definition of a catastrophic injury is a bit nebulous. We are left wondering, what might distinguish these two categories?

The generally accepted definition of a catastrophic injury in law and medicine suggests that it is one wherein the victim is left unable to carry out work for an extended time. It might also indicate that this individual has significantly lost their quality of life. They are no longer able to enjoy their favorite activities, they’ve lost much of their independence, and they cannot work. The injury is devastating and has completely changed their life.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Some examples of a catastrophic injury include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, loss of limb, severe burns, and organ damage. They are often caused by motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents and trucking accidents. Other frequent causes include construction and swimming pool accidents, defective medical devices and consumer products.

With such a severe injury, the victim is subject to compounding consequences. Without work, they often go the rest of their life without wages, benefits or the enjoyment of regular life. They are often burdened by enormous medical, rehab and therapy bills and are required to learn how to function with new limitations. And in the worst cases, some might have lost their physical and cognitive abilities to such a degree that they cannot function at all. These circumstances prompt reason for compensation to these victims.

These particular cases involve significantly higher damages than that of a typical personal injury. This compensation offers the catastrophically injured victim some financial stability in the wake of their physical and mental pain and suffering.

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