Involved in a Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Vehicle Accident

Involved in a Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Generally, commercial vehicles are significantly larger than those that are privately owned. Big rig trucks are approximately six times bigger than passenger cars. And in the event of this type of commercial vehicle accident, the consequences will likely be particularly catastrophic.

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A commercial vehicle includes all company-owned cars, trucks, vans, or busses. An organization’s employees or agents typically drive them deeming these professionally operated and commercially insured. And in the instance of a collision, the company’s representatives, as well as its insurance carrier, will immediately investigate the occurrence. To clear their name of fault and to avoid any compensation fees, commercial companies will apply all sources of defense. This is why, in the case of an accident involving a commercial vehicle, you must take note of what action to take quickly after.

The dos and don’ts following an accident involving a commercial vehicle: 

  1. Do: Check the condition of everyone that was impacted and move your car out of traffic if you are able.
  2. Do: Report the accident immediately after and obtain a police report. You can request a copy of this, which will be useful in the case of a lawsuit.
  3. Do: Seek medical attention as soon as you can.
  4. Do: Quickly file an insurance claim. Doing so helps preserve any evidence that might support your case.
  5. Don’t: Do not admit fault and provide only the most essential details about the accident to your insurance adjuster. Fault is complicated and may be associated with several different parties involved. The accident might not be fully or even partially your fault, and this is impossible to determine until we’ve pieced together and evaluated the entire story.
  6. Don’t: Refrain from providing any audio recorded or written statements about the accident until after speaking with your attorney. An experienced lawyer will advise you on what action to take for your case’s most favorable outcome.

Each of these initial actions, taken immediately after the accident, are the most critical to your case. However, the most crucial step you take is to contact a lawyer. An attorney who specializes in catastrophic injuries will help prevent direct insurance investigations. Instead, they will handle these confrontations with expertise, so to advocate for your best interest and fair compensation.

If you or a loved one has endured an accident involving a commercial vehicle, you likely face a myriad of hardships. From physical injuries to hounding insurance companies, the challenges may seem impossible to overcome. That’s why we at the Law Offices of William D. Shapiro hope to assist you in this time exceptional difficulty. We specialize in catastrophic injury cases and trucking accidents, making us well prepared to handle your case involving a commercial vehicle. Opt for your best chances at success and reach out to our team of skilled and compassionate attornies today.

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