Marketing Tips Attorneys Can Learn From Houston Personal Injury Law Firms

Marketing Tips Attorneys Can Learn From Houston Personal Injury Law Firms

Overview: Take a look into how Houston Personal Injury Law Firms and learn their tricks to successful attorney marketing

You’re an excellent and confident lawyer but clients face problems approaching your firm, you might be able to learn a thing or two about how Houston personal injury law firms get their clients. In fact, one article ranked Houston as the second best city in the nation for lawyers. This isn’t just a mere opinion; Houstin is on top of the lawyer chain. Clearly, they’re doing something right. But what?

Let’s shift gears for a moment and talk about your law firm. More than 30 million people a year visit doctors because of unintended injuries. Surely that means that there are a lot of clients out there for you, but why are they not reaching out to you? We’ll tell you a little secret you were ignoring: it’s all about marketing! So keep reading to find out what successful marketing tips Houston personal injury lawyers use to get top rankings, and clients.

Create a Business Website: 

It’s easy to get caught up in your day-to-day business and ignore a website; however, the truth is that your website should be the first thing to focus on. This is something that law firms in Houston take advantage of.

With social marketing rooting in our daily lives, customers are on the hunt, looking for a website that is easy to use and mobile phone friendly.

One search on Google for “Houston law firm” and you get tons of lawyers actively online. The top search is Smith & Hassler. This website is straightforward with a bunch of information for clients actively seeking this type of law firm.

We also can’t forget to mention Google’s obsession with providing the best experience to its users, and there are many aspects of the website, that need to be addressed. Among other aspects, the one to obsessively focus on in 2022 and in the coming age is:

Mobile-First Index:

Google now focuses on mobile-first indexing, referring to how search results shown on mobile phones are way different from those on PC/laptops. Many Houston personal injury law firm websites are mobile-optimized to grab potential clients.

Your website should optimize the webpage loading time since Google is placing insane responsibility on website owners to ensure a user-friendly website.

Place yourself in shoe of the user. You’ll hate it if the website takes too long to load. We all have things to attend to, nobody likes to wait!

  • So your website should ideally include:
  • Easy to grab contact information
  • A brief and precise bio about you and your skills

Information about the law area(s) you practice

 Incorporate SEO Practices: 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies website owners implement to make it easier for people to search keywords like Houston personal injury law firm. Although it’s a technical process and requires professional skills, you can start small.

One of the basic SEO strategies is to create blog posts relevant to the service you’re offering. This personal injury law firm located in Houston ranks on the first page of Google as the first result. Why? We bet it has a lot to do with them optimizing their blog content for Google.

Whether you write your own content or hire someone to write it for you, the key is to write about the content people organically are searching for. For instance, you can write about reasons your personal injury check is delayed to educate them.  

Don’t Neglect Social Media:

We can’t emphasize more how important your social media presence is. Not only is it an essential tool in digital marketing tools, but you can also attain your audience through social media platforms.

Alongside social media presence, focus on making video-based content. Why videos content? Because it’s easier to watch and a recent survey reported that over 72% of people are obsessed with watching videos before hiring a service or buying a product.

 Go for Paid Ads:

If you aren’t considering paid ads, trust us, you’re missing on a great deal. Almost everywhere you look, you’ll find PPC ads. The best thing about PPC ads is you direct the clients to specific demographics, that is to say, you pay to reach the customers who you want to hire you.

The most common and effective type of pay-per-click ads is Google. You can set them up on your own, but if you aren’t someone who’s familiar with the technical and coding stuff, we’ll strongly urge you to hire an agency that offers the similar service and manages paid ads to boost your sales. An agency specialized in PPC marketing will help you reach your potential clients faster than ever.

Use High Quality Visual Aids: 

Visuals attract people and stick to the memory, so keep this in mind when you’re formulating your business/marketing plan. You might have noticed – when something is aesthetically pleasing, it attracts you. Take a look at this Houston law firm. Their website is concise and attractive.

You can always purchase stock photos for your service and some websites offer free photos relevant to your service as well, but nothing can beat the authenticity of real photos of your staff, you, and your service/s.

Encourage the Past Clients to Leave Reviews: 

This is a big one! The highest law firms that appear when searching Houston personal injury law firms have reviews — and none of them are less than 4.9 stars. Remember that one of the most important things people tend to ignore is credibility. Encourage your clients to leave reviews, and feature those testimonials on your website and social media. When people have validated expectations, they’re more likely to want to work with you.

 In Summary: 

There’s no doubt that personal injury law firms in Houston personal injury lawyers? You don’t have time for this so you’re scrolling back and drop the idea?

The Creative7Designs team is there to make your life easier. Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help you escalating your marketing experience by taking the burden off your shoulder.

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