A Fiery Colorado Crash

A Fiery Colorado Crash

On April 25, 2019, lanes of rush-hour traffic sat behind the auto accident which caused the delay miles ahead. As these drivers waited in concern for their lost time, an impending disaster was quickly approaching. Rather than slowing in anticipation of the upcoming traffic, Rogel Aguilera’s semi-truck, full of lumber, began to accelerate as he neared the stopped cars.

Witnesses claimed that he sped down the road at 85 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone. Others reported him swerving in and out of lanes, demonstrating reckless driving behaviors. And as the semi zoomed passed, witnesses recognized the severity of the situation and what was bound to happen next.

Upon reaching the stopped cars, Aguilera’s truck exploded in fire, engulfing 28 vehicles and ultimately melting the highway. Four people were killed, and several others were severely injured in the inferno. And now, Aguilera’s actions preceding the crash are in question.

As of now, Aguilera, who suffered only minor injuries, is charged with 40 felony counts, including six counts of assault in the first degree and four counts of vehicular homicide. He consequently faces decades in prison for the injuries and fatalities that he caused. However, Aguilera’s side of the story has put his guilt into question.

The 23-year-old driver, who has no criminal record and not a single speeding ticket, claims that the accident was the fault of mechanical malfunction. He argues that while he was driving at the legal speed limit, his brakes gave out. Then, on the downhill grade, his big rig began to accelerate, causing his excessive speed among the much slower and even stopped traffic. And as he tried to avoid a crash, he swerved through lanes, aiming for the highway’s shoulder, which was found to be occupied by a stopped truck. With no other option, Aguilera then ran into the cars, causing the horrific accident.

The investigation continues with few opportunities for inspection or gathering evidence. As the truck itself was destroyed in the crash, there is no way to confirm either theory as to what took place in the moments before the accident. However, one thing is certain: the incident claimed the lives of four individuals who left behind loving families. It is the challenge of legal officials to determine how they might be served justice. And in the midst of this process, we will remember and honor their lives.

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